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Twilight Photos: Are They Worth It?

This past week I attended a photo session for a listing I have coming up that started before 5:00 am. That’s right! Why would I ask a photographer to wake up that early and drive across town? To get incredible listing photos of the morning light, of course!

You may have heard of twilight photos before. They can be taken in the evening just as the sun has set, or, early in the morning as the sun is about to rise. The result, however, is magical! By leaving on all lights inside and out, you create a photo where the house is absolutely glowing!

This gives the home a more luxurious feel. And twilight photos actually attract about 15-18% more buyers than homes with regular professional photos. It’s not right for every house, but for some, it really gives an extra something special!

Just about every buyer now is first looking at homes online. Most of the time, buyers are sending me the homes they want to see, not the other way around. So it is as important as ever to make your home’s online image really stand out! It’s also really nice to have extras like floorplans, videos, and virtual tours.

When I first visit a potential listing, I immediately start planning the marketing for that home. Which features will we showcase? How will we show them off? If you’d like a free estimate of your home’s value as well as a marketing plan for your home, let us know!

Photo Cred: Logan Harding with Shadow Point Media

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