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I'll admit it.  I got into real estate because I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up and because I watched one too many HGTV marathons.  I love houses, architecture, design, and people, so I thought - perfect fit!  

In the years since getting my license I have learned there is a lot more to real estate than showing a buyer three houses and then POOF here's the keys!  I have perfected the art of negotiation, learned more than I ever thought I would about termite infestations, and collaborated with hundreds of agents in the Tucson area to create a win-win scenario for our clients.

Real estate is the perfect mix of right brain creativity and left brain analysis.  I love matching my clients with the perfect home, overcoming unexpected roadblocks in creative ways, and making the process exhilarating enough that you want to tell all your friends, family, and random people in line behind you at Target all about me.

If you call me for your next home sale or purchase, I promise I will not only get you the best deal, but you will enjoy the whole process! 


Ok, maybe not the packing...

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