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So, You're Moving to Tucson.

Tucson is one of the best kept secrets, in my opinion. If you've decided to move to Arizona, you're probably considering Scottsdale or Phoenix, but Tucson is a hidden gem compared to those places! We are a foodie's paradise (after being the FIRST city in the U.S. to be named by UNESCO as a Capital of Gastronomy)! We have tons of gorgeous places to hike, not to mention the weather is great 10 months out of the year! We are also home to some incredible golf courses! What's not to love! So now that you've chosen Tucson to be your new hometown, how do you know where in town you'll want to live? Here are some tips for navigating your new city to find your home!

  1. Location, location, location. You may be moving here for a new job, or planning to work somewhere while you live here. Or, maybe you have kids who will be in a certain school. If you have a job or school in mind, it's a good idea to plan your search around that. Tucson is just small enough that you could commute from one end to the other, but you probably won't love it. You can traverse Tucson in about an hour (give or take) but without a lot of freeway options, your best bet is to live close to your other frequently visited spots.

  2. Maybe you work remotely and really could live anywhere! Ok, are you more of a city person or a suburb person? Or do you dream of having acres and acres all to yourself? The great news is that this is all achievable, and it can give you a great place to narrow down your search! Do you want to live in a city? Try Armory Park or Barrio Viejo! Want to feel like the queen of your own castle out in the country? You can find lots of big private lots in Marana and Vail! Do you love the suburbs? You have tons of choices! These factors can all narrow down your geographic options.

  3. What do you like to do in your spare time? Are you an avid cyclist? You might want to live close to the award winning Loop! Are you a sports fanatic? Maybe you'll want to live close to the U of A so you can join in on the action of the Wildcats games!

  4. A good way to get a feel of a certain neighborhood is to spend some time there and talk to some of the neighbors. If you're able to, try to walk around and get a feel for it! You could even try talking to people you see and asking them what they like and don't like about living there! You could meet your new bestie! If you can't make the trip, you could try looking up the neighborhood on facebook or nextdoor and see if they have a private page. You can ask a lot of questions and find out what the vibe is like in different areas of town.

If you're just not sure where your place in Tucson is, call your fave Realtor! I can guide you through your search, taking into account what is most important to your lifestyle and helping you find a great fit!

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