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Tucson's Most Walkable Neighborhoods

When you look at Tucson's sprawling neighborhoods, wide boulevards, and oppressively hot weather, you might not immediately think of Tucson as a walkable city. You're not wrong. I'm not trading in my car for a pair of Nikes anytime soon! But, for those who want more of the walkable city feel, there are some great neighborhoods to choose from!

Topping the list of's most walkable Tucson neighborhoods is Iron Horse. Iron horse is a relatively small neighborhood bordered by 8th Street and Broadway to the north and south and by Euclid and 4th Ave to the east and west. It has a walk score of 87 and a bike score of 99! According to, "people in Iron Horse can walk to an average of 6 restaurants, bars and coffee shops in 5 minutes."

Just west of the (you guessed it!) University of Arizona is the West University neighborhood. It has a walk score of 87 and a bike score of 94! It has its own SunLink stop so you can hop on and head downtown! There are also plenty of restaurants and shops right there! Check out my fave, Time Market!

Pie Allen is an interestingly shaped neighborhood just east of downtown and south of the U of A campus. It's shaped like an upside down U, with the middle being the Iron Horse neighborhood. So, you get a little bit of everything! 4th Ave, downtown, U of A football excitement, it's all there!

Campbell-Grant. This neighborhood is made up of the northeast quadrant of Campbell and Grant. To say there is a wide array of dining options within walking distance would be a huge understatement! You can grab groceries, try a yoga class, and get a healthy lunch all within a short distance. There are also tons of restaurants with all kinds of cuisines from around the world, a great way to broaden your horizons! Next time you're there, check out Blue Willow!

One of my very favorite neighborhoods in Tucson, Sam Hughes not only has some incredible homes, but it has plenty of options for dining, etc. within a short distance. Sam Hughes has a walk score of 76 and a bike score of 97!

Ready to ditch the Toyota and grab a fitbit? Let us know! Or check out some listings in these neighborhoods here!

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