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Getting Your Home into Tip Top Shape to List!

Deciding to put your home on the market can be anxiety inducing for sure! I mean, total strangers will be walking through your home! Rest assured, your favorite agent (me!) will help you get your house ready so that when people walk through your home they'll just want to move right in! Here are a few things you can do if you're thinking about selling your home, or if you just want a little refresh!

  • Declutter. Ahh, what can I say? This classic advice never goes out of style. Now, in the age of Marie Kondo and TikTok home tours, it's more important than ever to get your house looking minimal. You can donate any items you really don't need anymore. Also, be sure to stow away any small kitchen appliances (I'm looking at you, air fryer!) so they're out of sight. Toiletries can also be stored away or placed in decorative jars or containers.

  • Depersonalize. You've probably heard that you should take down all your family photos so that the prospective buyers could picture themselves living in your home. I think it's ok to have a couple of nice family photos up, but you should try to give your home a broad appeal. So, if you're really into the Seattle Mariners (I mean, who isn't??) and you have Mariners blankets and posters and I life sized Ken Griffey Jr. cardboard cutout in your kitchen, consider replacing your decor with something more generic. If you use your dining room as your home office, consider returning that area to its intended use and make it look functional and homey.

  • Small repairs and updates. Unless there is some kind of extenuating circumstance where I tell you it makes sense, I usually don't recommend a major kitchen remodel or guest wing addition just for the sole purpose of getting your home sold. What I do recommend is to go through your home and do minor repairs and updates. Fix dripping faucets, patch up any holes, and paint any high traffic areas that could use a refresh. If your house needs a little more updating, you can do smaller things like replace light fixtures, replace cabinet hardware, or install a new backsplash.

  • Hire professionals. I'm talking realtors, home staging professionals, and photographers. This is the most important step, of course! A home stager will bring in all new furniture and decor if your house is empty, or work with some of your existing furniture plus some new items to help you get the vibe buyers are looking for. They can also sometimes recommend paint colors and other small updates. A professional real estate photographer will make your home look even more high end. And, a great realtor will make sure those beautiful photos of your home get in front of the right people!

Even if you're not planning to sell your home, it's nice to have a clean house and some fresh paint! Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions about what will get you the most bang for your buck at home!

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