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How to Make Buyers Fall in Love With Your Home

February is a great time to put your house on the market! People are starting to get over the rush of the holiday season and get back to (house hunting) business! Some people are also ahead of the curve, already getting their tax refunds and wanting to put that towards a new home! If you're a seller, you're going to want those buyers to fall in love with your home, and I'll tell you how!

Curb Appeal:  Before even stepping foot inside your home, buyers should already have a great first impression! You can do this by giving your home a great new look outside. Although February is a little early to be planting, you can still make what you have look great by spreading fresh mulch or pruning back your winter shrubs. You could even bring in some heartier potted plants that should be able to make it the rest of the season until spring! Besides plants, you could always try replacing your front door or giving your trim a fresh coat of paint! Whatever your home needs, making it shine from the outside will definitely pay off by enticing buyers to come see the rest of it!

Light it Up: Speaking of shine, lighting is a very important way to make your home look its best. Consider leaving lights on and windows open for showings so your home looks bright and inviting. Lighting candles is also a nice touch! (Just make sure you'll be home afterwards to blow them out!)

Two Words: De. Clutter.  One man's clutter is another man's anxiety. So try to make buyers think no one actually lives in your home but it is actually just professionally staged. It's much easier for buyers to imagine themselves living there if it doesn't look like they'll need to call the hoarders hotline first.

Don't Forget Outside Spaces:  One lingering wish list item from the pandemic era is outdoor living spaces. Set up some outdoor furniture, even if you only have a patio! It gives buyers a good idea of how you can make use of the space you have, and it's especially a plus here in Tucson!

Stay on Top of Maintenance:  Dusty air returns, chipped paint on the floorboards, missing light switch cover? Take a day prior to listing your home and make a shopping list for Lowe's so you can take care of these minor eye sores. They will make for a much better overall impression of your home's quality and won't turn buyers away. Buyers are turned off by the feeling of needing to do a ton of work right away, and they will let their imaginations run wild (wow, if the switch plate is missing, imagine the condition the roof must be in!). On that note, at least know the conditions of your major systems (roof, HVAC, plumbing, water heaters, etc.) and consider making minor repairs prior to listing. This will provide a move in ready experience for a buyer and may save you a fallen through deal if the buyer cancels during the inspection period!

The bottom line is, make your home feel warm and inviting and buyers will fall in love! Leave the rest to your Realtor (me!)

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