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4/3 is the New 3/2

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

How buyers' tastes and needs have changed since the start of the pandemic.

The past two years of the pandemic have brought us many new trends, some good and some bad. There was whipped coffee, Carole Baskin, and at-home haircuts. And while my husband’s accidental mullet was most definitely on the list of “Terrible things to come out of the pandemic” it hasn’t all been bad.

As we are now all well aware, people are spending more time at home. According to research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, adults spent an extra 2.1 hours at home per day in 2020 compared to 2019. All this extra time cramped inside our homes with our families working and learning remotely has changed the way we view the spaces in which we live.

The 411 on the 4/3: Traditionally, buyers have always been in search of the coveted 3/2, a home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It is usually the gold standard size for a home. However, since the pandemic upended our routines, people are looking for a 4/3. People are looking for rooms and more privacy. Many homeowners are looking for separate spaces to use for home offices, gyms, man caves, etc.

Bigger is Better: Aside from a higher bedroom count, people are looking for more space in general. The average home size has grown to 2,540 square feet. This comes after home sizes have actually been on the decline since 2016 as more starter homes were being built. The National Association of Home Builders expects home sizes to continue to increase as we move into a post-Covid world.

An Outdoor Paradise: Maybe the biggest change to come out of the pandemic in terms of what we want in our homes is the desire for an epic outdoor space. People are spending more time outdoors. Backyard entertaining can be safer than socializing indoors. People also just want to relax and enjoy different spaces of their homes. For me personally, an amazing back yard is the #1 thing my buyers have had on their wish list in the last couple of years.

No matter what’s on the top of your wishlist, we will help you find exactly what you want!

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