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What Back to School Means or You and Your House!

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

It’s August in Tucson and that means the kids are going back to school! After a long summer of travel, pool days, and -YES- selling real estate, I finally have the house to myself today and I’m looking forward to diving right into some things that have been neglected all summer! So whether you have kids back in school, or maybe you were just enjoying some summer travel, here are some tips for how you can give your house a little “back to school” refresh!

  • Clean out your junk drawer. You all know the one. It probably has some old packs of gum, loose change, and a pen that hasn’t really worked since Pluto was a planet, (although I guess this is controversial!) Starting with one drawer can jumpstart your motivation to clean and organize! Who knows, maybe next you’ll be ready for the pantry?

  • Replace the weather stripping on your exterior doors. You can create a much more energy efficient home AND cut down on bugs! Feel like taking on a DIY project? Check out this guide for some tips!

  • Create a home cleaning checklist. If you can sit down and go room by room and list everything that needs to be done, it will make it much easier and less daunting when cleaning day rolls around. I made this list to help me keep track of everything! You can even create an even easier cleaning schedule to lighten your load and spread the cleaning out over the week and month!

  • Give your wall decor an update. Want people to walk into your house and wonder if they took a wrong turn and ended up in a gallery? Head to one of Tucson’s many incredible art galleries and support your favorite artists! If you’re looking for a little more bang for your buck, head to some websites like Society6, Saatchi Art, Tappan Collective, or ArtFinder for some fresh wall decor at any price point!

If you’re like me and enjoying your first day of solitude in a long time, you could also take some time to curl up with a good book and a cup of coffee and decompress! We had a great summer in my house but I am looking forward to selling some houses this fall! Let me know if you want to be my next client!!

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