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What Do Real Estate Agents Do During a Photo Shoot?

Getting all glammed up for a photo shoot means something totally different to Realtors than it does to the general public. Realtors are always thinking about how a house will show in photos because most buyers these days are looking online to decide which homes to go look at in person. Hiring a pro photographer is crucial to make sure your house is looking its best! So if the photographer knows what they're doing, what does a real estate agent do during the photo shoot? Let's see!

Your Realtor will probably arrive a few minutes early to do a quick scan of the house and see which items need to be stowed away (sponges, trash cans, hand soaps, etc.). They will get busy prepping every shot and make sure the pillows are fluffed and the room is free of anything that could get in the way of getting a great shot! Once the photographer is finished with a certain room, your agent will make sure everything is back the way it was when they arrived.

Another important role of the agent is to guide the photographer in showcasing the home's best features. Sometimes these things are obvious (a gorgeous pool for example), and sometimes they are less obvious. Sometimes there is a really cool community feature that the photographer may not know to photograph (like a park down the street). The agent will be making sure the photographer is able to highlight all the best features of the home and community.

Realtors are mostly photography assistants during these shoots, offering to move or hold things and then put them back. It's a pretty cool experience to see homes through the photographers eye and then be able to view the final result!

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