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What Your House Number Says About Your Future

We all know that one person who lives and dies by their astrological sign. You might really believe in astrology or you might roll your eyes when your friend says “Becky is such a gemini”. But no one can deny that it can be fun to check your horoscope, whether you take it seriously or not! But, have you ever thought about checking your house numerology? It’s sort of like a horoscope for your house! I have clients who need to check the house numerology before even looking at a house to make sure it’s the right vibe. Here’s how it works!

Say your address is 3456 Main Street. You add up all the numbers in your house number (3+4+5+6). In this example you’d get 18. Then you add those numbers together until you have one single digit. So, 1+8=9. For this address, your house numerology is 9. If you live on First Avenue, don’t count the street name, only the house number (3456 First Avenue is still 9). If you live at 10500 Grand Avenue Apartment 321, only add up the 321, so your number would be 6! If you live at 600 108th Avenue Apartment 4C, you only count the apartment “number”. You do this by translating the letter value like this:

1 – A, J, S2 – B, K, T3 – C, L, U4 – D, M, V5 – E, N, W6 – F, O, X7 – G, P, Y8 – H, Q, Z9 – I, R

So, 4C would be 4+3=7.

Now that you have your house numerology number, it should be a number 1-9. Here’s what each number means. Maybe you already live at this address and want to find some meaning in the madness of the world. Or, maybe you’re house hunting right now and want to make sure your new home will be a good fit! Check out each number and its meaning below:

1: A house with the number 1 is perfect for someone looking for a new beginning. Maybe you’re in a new relationship, a new job, or just a new phase of life. The environment in this house encourages independence and new ideas, so it’s perfect for someone starting a new business or someone who needs fresh, creative ideas. Watch out for the overpowering “self” energy, as loneliness can come along with independence. Make sure to make time for friendships and other relationships too!

2: While a #1 house represents independence and individuality, a #2 house represents harmony and togetherness. It’s perfect for any type of relationship (new partners moving in for the first time, newlyweds, BFF roomies, etc.) And don’t fear, if you’re a solo gal (or guy!) living in a #2 house, this home’s energy will attract harmonious relationships for you! Go ahead and delete tinder!

3. A #3 house encourages creativity and positivity. This is a great home for an artist or a dreamer. It’s also a great home for hosting parties as the positive energy will rub off on your guests!

4. Homes with a #4 number are practical, grounded, and sensible. It’s a perfect ‘forever home’ or sound financial investment (but don’t rely only on your house number!). It’s great for someone looking to put down roots and stay for a while. This home will make you feel grounded and secure. Don’t forget to have a little fun too, and not let this home’s vibes make you too serious!

5. A #5 house encourages movement, energy, and change. Five is the liveliest number and encourages you to live life to the fullest! This home is perfect for an energetic traveller, adventurer, or hostess with the mostest! This home will be full of lively vibes!

6. This home is harmonious and perfect to promote feelings of togetherness. This is a great home for a family, someone with pets, or someone who wants their guests to feel right at home! Plants, children, and pets will thrive here. This home has a cozy feeling that will make everyone feel comfortable. It is perfect for homebodies, or may encourage otherwise adventurous people to become homebodies!

7. A #7 home is full of spirituality and solitude. You will find a great energy here to get in touch with your inner self. This home is great for introverts or anyone seeking introspection. Set up a yoga and meditation corner and get zen!

8. A #8 home encourages growth, prosperity, and abundance. Check out a number 8 home if you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or experience personal or financial growth. This home will not only encourage prosperity, but will show it off. Fill this home with beautiful material goods to max out this home’s potential.

#9. Number 9 homes are for community, selflessness, and giving. Homes with the number nine are welcoming, attracting all kinds of people, and encourage service and humanitarianism. It can also be a place of transition, attracting people just wrapping up a phase of life. It could be a great post divorce home or even a place for soon to be empty nesters. Or, less dramatic, it could be a place for someone to let go of harmful habits and start fresh.

Now that you have the rundown of what different house numerology numbers mean, which one would you choose? Would you let the house numerology determine which home you’d move into? Let me know!

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