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A Holiday Gift Guide for New Homeowners

The holiday season has descended upon us once again, and while you may be scrambling to decide what to get for your kids, spouse, or BFF, I'm here to take the stress out of shopping for your favorite fresh new homeowner.

Gift Cards: When you move into a new home, you are bound to take on a couple of projects to make sure the house is set up for your lifestyle. Maybe you need to add shelving into a closet or maybe you're getting a whole new kitchen. Either way, gift cards are always appreciated! Gift cards to hardware stores can help your recipient purchase paint, plants, even decor!

Home Organization: Moving from one house to another requires some reshuffling of your contents! Maybe your old house had seven linen closets but no pantry, and your new house is just the opposite! It can be difficult to decide what to put where. That's why home organization gifts are a great idea for new homeowners. Whether you gift them a few storage bins, or even enlist the help of a professional home organizer, they will definitely appreciate your practical gift.

Home Scents: Gifting people items like art and decor can be tricky unless you really know their style! Things like candles and diffusers can have a little wider appeal while still feeling personal and luxurious!

Creative and Personalized Gifts: Ok, so this is one you have to be careful with because, like I said, you don't always know someone's style or what vibe they're going for in their new home. But, if you're really close with someone and you're artistic or creative, you could make something really heartfelt to commemorate their new house! There are lots of ideas out there like personalized address numbers, cutting board with their name, or a painting of their new home. Gifts from the heart are always the best gifts!

The most important thing to remember this holiday season is to just help your friends and family celebrate their new home in whatever way you choose! They will appreciate your enthusiasm for their exciting milestone!

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