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The Joys of Moving

Let's face it. The worst part of moving into a new house is actually having to move into it. It's not going to be rainbows and butterflies, it's going to be endless trips to target and cleaning behind your refrigerator. I can't make this a pleasant experience for you. But, I can give you some tips to lessen the pain!

  1. Start early! If you're selling your house as well as buying a new house, some early decluttering can be key! Sort through your stuff and donate what you can and get rid of things that don't quite spark joy! For those items you just can't part with, you can pack them up and move them into the garage or spare room so they are out of the way.

  2. Label everything. Of course you want to label your boxes! If you already know where you're going to be moving, you could also organize your boxes not by what room the stuff is coming from, but what room those things will be going into. Maybe right now you have a corner in your office where you sometimes unroll your yoga mat for a few minutes of downward dog. But, in your new house, you're going to have a whole room dedicated to being your home gym. Instead of throwing your yoga mat in with your printer, pack a whole gym box! Throw in your yoga mat, your Richard Simmons VHS, and the kettlebells that have been in your garage since 20011, and bam! You are ready to unpack that box right into your new home gym!

  3. Research and hire a moving company early. Get recommendations from friends, neighbors, or your fave realtor. Call a few companies and get quotes for your move. Then, finally, make sure they are available for your moving date and book them!

  4. Leave out just enough. Don't forget that you make need a few days to unpack in your new home, so make sure you pack a small box or suitcase with your toiletries and a couple of outfits that you might need those first few days. Don't forget clothes you might need to go to work and also comfy clothes for unpacking!

With these tips, you should have a very slightly smoother move. Just remember that after all those boxes are broken down and your internet is hooked up, you will feel that it was all worth it!

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